Layla <3

I realize that she’s not a new or trendy sculpt…but Gemma by Donna RuBert has always been one of my favorites. There’s just something so special about her face; she’s not an “everybaby.” I made Layla from this sculpt, just for me. 🙂 She has a little birthmark on her temple in the exact place my son has his.

Layla  Closeup

Lilia Blick Completed and Ready for Her Mommy :)

My customer’s Lilia by Natali Blick is all finished and will be ready to ship tomorrow. She was a paint-only request (the customer has a body, weighting, Polyfil, etc. and wants to put her together herself). Back and tummy plates are included.

LiliaBlickCompleted 001 LiliaBlickCompleted 002 LiliaBlickCompleted 003 LiliaBlickCompleted 004

LiliaBlickCompletedBackPlate LiliaBlickCompleted 008 LiliaBlickCompleted 009


Oh My Goodness. We Wants It. We Wants the Precious.

Oh my goodness.

Look, just looooooooook at this Vulcan/Mr. Spock little baby. (Here’s his linkey.)

Spock Baby

I am sitting on my hands not to buy this baby as I am already significantly over-budget for spending this month, and we really just can’t afford to be over-budget at all.

But…just look… (*crying*…Don’t buy Mel, no, no, no, don’t buy…)

ETA: Temptation problem solved…someone bought him! I am truly amazed at this artist. You should check her out – perhaps she’ll have more character babies in the future.



Little Princess Phoebe.

~ UPDATE: This giveaway is now CLOSED and a winner has already been chosen. ~

Well, folks, I had my video uploading for seven hours (what is UP with that?) and had one hour to go…when my husband decided to turn off the computer. And yes, that was prudent, as we were on our way out the door and off to vacation. The net result, unfortunately, is that I will not have the video on which to enter for the free giveaway live until Monday. But I thought I would give everyone a heads-up in the meantime. The giveaway will be adorable Phoebe. She’s shown at left; scroll down a few posts to see her slideshow vid. The gist:

  • Entrants MUST be 18 or over.
  • To enter, subscribe to my Youtube channel.
  • Next, Like the video titled “Free Reborn Giveaway.”
  • Post in the video comments that you would like to be entered.
  • ONE winner will be RANDOMLY selected via computer-generated drawing on November 1.

That’s it! Keeping it simple. The giveaway is for the COMPLETED doll, plus clothing, a blanket, birth certificate and care instructions. Best of luck!