Layla <3

I realize that she’s not a new or trendy sculpt…but Gemma by Donna RuBert has always been one of my favorites. There’s just something so special about her face; she’s not an “everybaby.” I made Layla from this sculpt, just for me. 🙂 She has a little birthmark on her temple in the exact place my son has his.

Layla  Closeup


Lilia Blick Completed and Ready for Her Mommy :)

My customer’s Lilia by Natali Blick is all finished and will be ready to ship tomorrow. She was a paint-only request (the customer has a body, weighting, Polyfil, etc. and wants to put her together herself). Back and tummy plates are included.

LiliaBlickCompleted 001 LiliaBlickCompleted 002 LiliaBlickCompleted 003 LiliaBlickCompleted 004

LiliaBlickCompletedBackPlate LiliaBlickCompleted 008 LiliaBlickCompleted 009